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Pegasus Mail

Download The Best E-Mail Client Ever "While you can" and if you ask nicely I may even come set it up for you..

Joules <-> Ft/Lbs

Simple conversion(s)

Reload Bench Search Page

Almost every cartridge you (n)ever wanted to know about

Some Nice 308 Pics

Well another page link from paul hope someone can translate

Reloading Stuff

All the Major Reloading Pages in One Place

Reloading Manual

Another Nice Little Page If You Reload

Krieger Barrels

Barrels Galore Take A Look Next Time You Need One

Sniper Central

Sort of Speaks for Itself Really

Sigma Rifle & Pistol Club

Nice looking Club and a very nice Home Page

More Big Boy Toys

Some Sweet Russian Stuff Take A Look

Gun-Site Web Page

Useful Stuff List of UK Clubs, Police Web Pages, Manufacturers Web Sites, Etc

Shooting Demo

Just the thing for canceled shoots. Try this Long Range Shooting Demo (400 - 1700 Yards), bone up on your MOA's & Mil's get a feel for Windage & Elevation, see how Temperature, Humidity & Altitude affect your shot, Practice your hold Over/Under

Shooters Web

Resource page usful links etc

Long Range Rifles

For the Movie go to Multimedia
Real AWESOME kit this .408 (Turned Copper Alloy bullets) Sub MOA @ 2,500m

Russian Optics/Scopes

A choice of Russian scopes for not a lot of 's take a look, if you can't believe these are quality see My 8x56 & Dave's 4x24 illuminated range finder scopes

Mosin Nagant Translations

From our very own Paul Tamony A set of Mosin Nagant Translations. Take a look

Guns Connect

A load of Firearm related Essays and Stories

Leupold Scopes

Pricey Stuff but don't you love it